"Many years ago I was involved in a car accident where my vehicle was hit from behind, the result being I now suffer constant mid thoracic back pain. I have been to many practitioners over this time including Masseurs and Chiropractors, but I still consider Julie Anne's remedial massage techniques to be the most effective in my pain relief. In fact, I still implement Julie Anne's stretching exercises to keep my body flexible and pain free. She not only is incredibly gifted and knows her anatomy but she has what I would call a genuine focus in wanting to help and educate people in the benefits of massage therapy". 



"Strongly recommend, a practitioner that is very people orientated, very happy."
 - Steve


I have been a regular client of Julie-Anne McDonald for the last 18 months.  Jules has been a saviour for me as I have suffered with debilitating headaches on and off for the past 20 years.  The relief from stress and tension in my upper back following a therapeutic massage with Jules is amazing.  The biggest drawcard is that I can normally get an appointment for the same day however the fact that we are able to claim back a portion of Jules's fee via our health fund is another bonus. 
Jules’s bubbly personality and her caring nature ensure that you are made to feel at home right away and her expertise navigating the sore spots of the human body is remarkable.    I recommend Jules to anyone suffering from aches and pains, Jules can help you too!
- Tiffany



Before I emigrated many years ago from Scotland, I suffered a back injury and more or less learnt to live with the pain and get on with life.
I met Julie Anne , through her dad , a long-time friend and as she soon  noticed my Limitations she  asked the reason .
I told her and she offered to check me out and if agreeable she would treat me.
This has been one of the best decisions I have made, I have been able to complete tasks I would never have attempted before and her incredible people friendly personality is in my opinion part of her success.
Thank you Julie Anne (Wonder Woman ).

- Johnny


'I regularly compete in triathlons and have been attending massage therapists for many years, but none of them have the same intuitive feel for the body that Jules has.  I have found that many massage therapists have the theoretical knowledge but do not have the intuition to hit the right spots to adequately release built up tension.  After a couple of sessions with Jules I some came to realise that she had an intuitive feel for finding and releasing tight spots that I did not know I was carrying around.  I put my lack of injuries down to my regular massages with Jules.  I would happily recommend her to anyone, including my own family."